Luxury Handbag Cleaning

Essential handbag cleaning

Did you know that your handbag is one of the worst places for germs in your household? Since we take handbags everywhere, they are the perfect breeding ground for germs. At WhizzFix we thoroughly clean the exterior and interior of the handbag using specialist products and techniques. The bag is then finished off with a protective coating and hygiene refresher.

Starting from €35

Mould treatment

Handbags are prone to mold growth when stored in areas where there is moisture and high heat levels. It only takes one spore to start a colony, so it’s important to treat this as soon as you spot it. At WhizzFix we thoroughly clean and treat the mould to kill the bacteria and prevent recurrence. Don’t let this problem get out of hand!

Starting  from €40

Handbag hygiene refresher

Your handbag can become a melting pot of bacteria and fungi which can leave it smelling a little less than fresh. At WhizzFix we can sanitize your handbag internally & externally killing any bacteria within the internal lining of your handbag. Start your day on a fresh note!

Staring from €20

Water & oil stain removal

A beautiful bag can elevate any outfit and bring you many years of joy. At WhizzFix we can deep clean your handbag to remove water stains, oil stains, grease and grime. Your handbag will be returned to you looking refreshed and beautiful once again!

Starting from €30

Handbag protection

Over the years we have used various methods to keep preserve fabrics and leathers. With our protective treatment we can help your handbag to look cleaner for longer, and reduce further damage in the future. Take care of your bag and it will give you many more years of service!

Starting from €15

Classic handbag colour restoration

Is your handbag looking lackluster? Our artisans can give your handbag that glamorous shine it truly deserves. Our craftsmen painstakingly clean the leather and strip the colour back before removing scuffs and restoring the colour throughout. The bag is then buffed and given a protective treatment. This specialist service will revive the look and feel of your handbag!

Starting from €45

Deluxe Handbag Restoration

Does your luxury handbag require extra careful handling? You can trust our master artisans to carefully bring it to like-new condition. This specialist service includes everything in our Classic handbag restoration service with the addition of full internal cleaning, hardware polish, leather or exotic material treatment, protection service and hygiene refresher. Revive your most cherished possessions!

Starting from €85

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