Shoe Cleaning

Leather, suede & canvas cleaning

Cleaning of uppers, midsole, outsole & insole for shoes which are made from leather, suede or canvas.

Starting from €25

Satin cleaning

Cleaning of uppers, midsole, outsole, inside, colour restoration, protection and hygiene refresher.

Starting from €30

Sneaker cleaning

Have your sneakers lost their edge? Our specialists will meticulously clean them internally and externally using a mix of treatments. Minor scuffs and stains are removed and & laces are washed and refreshed.

Starting from €25

Sneaker sole whitening

Oxidation and storage conditions can cause the white soles of your sneakers to discolour. Our specialists use a range of products to bring yellow soles back to their original splendour.

Starting from €25

Shoe hygiene refresher

Bacteria and mould are responsible for bad smells which build up over time. This refreshing treatment is designed to sanitize the internal area of your shoes. Begin your day on a fresh note!

Starting from €10

Oil stain removal

Clean, quality shoes make a statement and speak volumes about you. Our professionals deep clean your shoes removing embedded dirt, grease and grime ensuring your leather shoes are returned clean and stain free.

Starting from €18

Mould removal

Shoes are prone to mold growth when stored in an area where moisture and heat levels are too high. It only takes one spore to start a colon. At WhizzFix we thoroughly clean your shoes and kill the remaining bacteria.

Starting from €25

Classic colour restoration

Are your shoes looking faded and worn out? Our artisans can restore & revive your shoes, bringing them back to their original colour. This specialised service will also keep the leather hydrated and looking brighter than ever.

Starting from €25

Deluxe leather restoration

Do your leather shoes require specialised treatment due to their delicate leather and complex details? You can trust WhizzFIX to bring them back to them back to their original condition. Our craftsmen painstakingly clean the leather and strip the colour back before restoring the colour throughout. The shoes are then buffed, given a protective treatment and a hygiene refresher.

Starting from €55

Deluxe sneaker restoration

Do your luxury trainers require extra careful handling? You can trust our master artisans to carefully bring them back to like-new condition. This service includes full internal and external cleaning, insole & lace cleaning, full colour restoration, protection and hygiene refresher.

Starting from €35

Exotic Skins & Texture Restoration

Are your shoes made from exotic leather or delicate fabric? Our artisans can work with the most challenging materials from snakeskin and lamb skin to satin or silk. We take extra special care when restoring these materials using the most appropriate products and methods. This service also includes colour restoration process, protection and hygiene refresher.

Starting from €45

Louboutin Red Sole Restoration

Are your coveted red-soles looking less than splendid? At whizzFIX we can repair your current original Louboutin sole without replacing it. Our skilled artisans clean and restore the red colour on the sole using specialist products and techniques.

This Service is €40

Sole colour restoration

Are your shoe’s soles scratched and faded and altogether worn out? With our sole colour restoration your shoes will look like new again. Our experts clean the soles and carefully restore the colour back using specialized methods. This service is available in all colours.

Starting from €30

Hardware restoration

Is the hardware on your shoes looking rough? From studs to chains and buckles, we can restore the hardware by removing scuffs and polishing it back to a high shine.

Starting from €22

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