Understanding the products condition before purchasing

Never Worn, with Original Tags
An item that is in brand new condition and Is still with the original tags still attached.

Never Worn
The original tags aren’t attached, but the item is as new and has never been worn.

Very Good Condition
A second-hand item that is hardly worn and has been very well maintained, although it may have slight defects from wear.

Good Condition
An item in Good Condition is second-hand item and has been worn but is well maintained.

Fair Condition
A second-hand item which has been frequently worn and which may have numerous flaws.

How to resell with us

Send us photos of the items and let us know all the details.
We’ll get back to you should well be able to list it for sale.
Once listed for sale, we provide free marketing on our socials & advise our client list.
Once we receive any offers we will let you know.
Once sold we will take a 15% commission off the sale.

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How Should I prepare my items for collection?

Please prepare all items for the Iron service in a separate bag. If you would like your clothes on hangers, kindly provide them. Otherwise your clothes will be folded.

How will my items be returned back?

All laundry will be returned back either folded or else if hangers are provided they will be hung.

How long will my items take to be delivered back?

All washing and ironing services take 3 working days to be returned. Dry cleaning takes 5 days.