Luxury Handbag Repair

Handbag stitching

Has the stitching on your cherished handbag become undone or frayed? At WhizzFix we carefully repair linings, straps and tabs to leave your handbag looking rejuvenated.

Starting from €15

Handbag zip replacement

Has your zip given up? Does it need to be replaced? At WhizzFix we carefully unpick your old zip by hand, and then replace it with a brand new one. Get your handbag back in action again!

Starting from €20

Handbag strap adjustment

Is the strap on your handbag causing pain or discomfort or it just doesn’t look right? At WhizzFix we can adjust your handbag strap to your preferred length making your handbag infinitely more wearable!

Starting from €22

Leather tab replacement

Is your handbag suffering from unstitched tabs which are making it look shoddy? WhizzFix can replace the small leather tabs that are connected to any straps or handles. Our professional repairers carefully unpick them, create a template, select the closest material, and hand stitch the new tabs back on. Your handbag will look perfect once more!

Starting from €30

Handbag strap replacement

Is the strap on your favourite handbag simply beyond repair? Get a new strap! Our professional repairers will carefully unstitch the original straps and create a template to match the originals. They will then choose the closest colour leather or fabric and hand stitch them back onto the bag. Your handbag will look as good as new!

Starting from €35

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