Luxury Shoe Repair

Sole replacement

Wear and tear and water damage can cause soles to deteriorate over time.  At WhizzFix we remove the thin, slippery or worn-out soles, and clean the base removing any old glue and debris. We then mould brand-new replacement soles back onto the shoes and finish them off to perfection. New soles can be applied to the tip of the heels, the mid-part or the full sole. Soles come in nude or black and optional anti-slip texture.

Starting from €35

High heel recovery

Have your favourite heels been ruined by driving, cobbled streets or just a regular night out? Our experts can bring them back to like-new condition. We carefully detach from the heel from the shoe, remove the damaged material and replace it with the same or another colour of your choice. The shoes are then finished off with a brand-new heel tip for a flawless finish.

Starting from €35

Stiletto reheel

Are your heels extra loud? That click-clacking means that you’re likely damaging your shoes and close to breaking a heel tip with an exposed nail. Get your shoes reheeled straight away.  At WhizzFix  we replace the end of your stiletto heel with the right colour & size to match your shoes.

Starting from €15

Shoe stretching

Are your shoes causing you pain and discomfort? Don’t set them aside! With this service, your shoes can be stretched up to one shoe size! This service can also help with feet issues such as bunions, calluses or corns. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Starting from €25


Overtime due to the heat and constant friction the glue on our shoes begins to deteriorate. Our professional shoe repairers will be able to remove the old glue and reapply a new strong layer.

Starting from €15

Insole replacement

Insoles have a life span and deteriorate over time. A WhizzFix, we replace your insoles with perfectly cut, custom-made soles. This will give your feet that extra padding to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

This service is €15

Elastic replacement

The small pieces of elastic that are attached to ankle straps or buckles are very delicate and can easily stretch and become worn out. At WhizzFix we can replace these with new high quality materials to bring your shoes back to their original condition.

Starting from €15

Shoe zip replacement

Is your zip stuck or broken? At WhizzFix we can replace your old zip with a new and improved zipper. Our skilled artisans carefully unpick the old zip by hand and then sew a matching or better-quality zipper into the shoe. The finished product works a treat, with a new long-lasting zipper that shouldn’t fail.

Starting from €25

Shoe stitching

Do your shoes need some stitching? Maybe a  small hole that needs to be stitched up or maybe a small thread out of place? Leave it to us! We will hand stitch even the smallest of holes!

Starting from €13

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