How To Sell With Us!

    Fill In & Upload

    Fill in our resell form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours whilst advising you on your resale value and product condition.

    Approval Quotation

    We will review your items and provide you with our feedback and suggest a price range whilst ensuring you receive a faster sale.

    Let us begin the work

    Our industry experts will pick-up the item, authenticate, professionally photograph and finally list them on our site and social media platforms within two weeks.

    It’s Pay Day

    You get paid once your item is sold.

    Why Choose To Sell With Us!


    Entrusted professional seller for new and preloved luxury fashion. With access to a vast range of clients across the country.


    Each and every consigned merchandise we receive is well taken care of and has adequate insurance coverage including risks of fire, flood, theft and damage

    No Contract

    You are not bound by a contract. This means that you can recall your items back whenever you would like, unless we are in the middle of a negotiation.

    Quick & Simple

    It’s quick, easy and simple to list your items with us. Fill in the form, get your items approved and we’ll pay you out once your items have sold.