Terms & Conditions

Whizz Fix is operated exclusively by JMT Holdings Limited Company. JMT Holdings Limited Company our company is committed to delivering the best possible service as well as to protecting and respecting the privacy of its customers and contacts, in all cases subject to the below terms and conditions. Customers shall be deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions below before placing their order with us. In any case, by leaving your items with us you adhere to our terms and conditions below.

Complaints -Please check all items within 24 hours from collection/delivery date, as no complaints shall be accepted afterwards. Complaints will only be accepted on presentation of fiscal receipt.

It is important to keep the receipt/ticket given to you when items are left with us, as your items will not be released without presentation of this.

Upon the return of items to customers – Customers are required to remove items from plastic and/or other packing in order to check them immediately as well as to avoid mould and/or other stains. Furthermore, to avoid the risk of suffocation keep plastic and/or other packing out of children’s reach.

Limitations – Despite our intent to identify problem items in advance, we cannot assume responsibility for weaknesses or defects in materials that are not expressly brought to our attention prior to our intervention on the item. In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the above, we are not responsible for fading, colour loss, wear and tear and/or shrinkage. We are not responsible if the condition of the item worsens or further deteriorates notwithstanding the use of ordinary diligence from our part and/or the part of our subcontractors. The company shall also not bear responsibility nor accept any liability for any goods or cash left in delivered items. The company is similarly not responsible for damage caused due to misinformation and/or incorrect/inaccurate labels.

In particular we are unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage to beads, crystals, sequins, buttons, pearls, buckles, metals etc. attached to your item as a decorative or functional component, bearing into mind the particular design of your item and the fact that we have to rely on the fact that the manufacturer attached the said components adequately and used particular components which are suitable for your item. Although we will, of course, do our best to check these components before intervening on the item and this in order to avoid any loss or damage of the same through such intervention, particularly when this involves cleaning and/or stain removal, any such cleaning and/or stain removal will take place at the sole and exclusive risk of the owner.

Damages and Stain removal – Customers are responsible to mention all damages and/or stains on which they wish us to intervene before/when they leave items with us. This does not render us in any way responsible for any resulting damages and/or stains not so mentioned. We will endeavour, where possible, to take photos of the item delivered and this upon collection of the same. We will only process the indicated damages and/or stains under the owners’ risk and results cannot be guaranteed. Stain removal is primarily dependent on the length of time elapsed since the stain occurred, as well as the relevant type of stain and fabric. Although we can never guarantee stain removal, we strive to do our utmost in this regard.

Delays – Whilst we endeavour to return your items within a specified period of time, there may be times where delays occur, this bearing in mind the number of commissions received during any particular period of time, any additional time required to complete the requested service and the extra care which may be required bearing in mind the particular item/s. We cannot be held responsible for any cost, including third party costs, incurred by the client as a direct or indirect result of any delays occurred.

Compensation in case of loss or damage – In case of any loss/es and/or damaged, while the item is in our custody and/or our subcontractors’ custody, for which we accept liability, the compensation in case of absence of the original fiscal proof of receipt/purchase will be limited to a refund of the fees charged for the requested service.

Subcontracting – We are entitled to subcontract work wholly or in part, and these conditions shall also apply to goods entrusted by us to our subcontractors.

Right to Refuse – We reserve the right to refuse our service to any customer, particularly if it results that the requested payment has not been affected.

Pricing – We reserve the right to change prices at any time without any notice.

Delivery – A standard rate of three euro will be applied to all pick-up and deliveries irrespective whether the customer wants to proceed.

Unclaimed goods – If goods are not claimed or all charges paid in full ahead of the return of the item, we shall have the right to retain, sell or dispose of such items. If items are not accepted within a week from delivery thereof, a rent of fifty Euro cents (€0.50) per day will be charged.

Terms and Conditions – None of our agents, employees, contractors and/or sub-contractors have the authority to alter, vary or qualify in any way, these terms and conditions.